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 Senior Living Homes  

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FlexiRamp™ Conversion 

Flip-n-Fold™ Rear Seat

Patented Flush-Mount™ System

Vehicles Features Only Available Through P&L Development!

Transportation is a necessity for sustaining a profitable senior and assisted living community, retirement community or skilled-care facility. The lack of adequate transportation for older adults has profound impacts on their quality of life. Group homes must realize the importance that safe and trustworthy transportation has on their clients life. Whether it is doctors’ visits, social gatherings, recreation, or leisure, opportunities should exist for elder adults to access reliable and safe transportation.


Here at P&L Development Mobility Vans we offer customizable floor plans to make sure your vehicle is perfect for your individual business. Our handicap vans are equipped and ready to handle the requirements of daily use at your facility.  Whether it is an individual vehicle, or a fleet, you can rely on the experts at P&L Development Mobility Vans to provide you with top of the line vehicles and award-winning customer service.

Vehicle Features

Our vehicles offer a wide variety of features, including:

  • FlexiRamp™ Conversion - Easily accessible when you need it and folds away when you don’t. This creates usable luggage space that you will not find anywhere else!

  • Flip-n-Fold™ Rear Seat - P&L Development Mobility Vans is proud to be the only manufacturer in the country that offers the Ford Transit Connect in 7 passenger seating! With our Flip-n-Fold Rear Seats, everyone can come along!

  • Patented Flush-Mount™ System - No more messing with those hard to use Q-Straint retractors. With our patented Flush-Mount™ System, you can now load and unload passengers with ease.

  • Tri-Mode™ Middle Seat - Need more room to fit larger chairs? Our Tri-Mode™ Middle Seats' can move 4" forward from their OEM position. Offering more room for larger chairs.


  • Variable floor plans and customizable features - You are able to build a vehicle that is perfect for your specific needs.

  • Fully ADA-compliant - We promise to not only meet, but exceed Americans Disability Act (ADA), State, and Federal regulations.

  • Versatile and efficient - Our vehicles can be driven by anyone and overtime can save you thousands in expenses

  • Best in class MPG

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Attract new clientele

  • 5/5 Start Safety Rating through the NHTSA

  • Unbeatable pricing


Tri-Mode™ Middle Seat

Uses In Your Facility

Handicap vehicles provide many uses for your facilities day to day operation. By having a handicap accessible vehicle, your clients can feel confident they will be able to attend:

  • Social Gatherings

  • Group Outings

  • Medical Appointments

  • Family Visits

  • Daily Activities

3 Passenger Layout

2 seater ford.jpg

5 Passenger Layout

Ford 5 Seater.jpg

7 Passenger Layout

Ford 7 Seater.jpg

What Separates P&L Development

Mobility Vans From the Rest?

  • Unbeatable turn around times

  • Superior craftsmanship

  • FlexiRamp™ Conversion

  • Flip-n-Fold™ Rear Seat

  • Patented Flush-Mount™ System

  • Tri-Mode™ Middle Seat

  • Reliable customer service

  • Customizable options based on your needs.

  • Free on site training

  • Routine check ups

  • Buying direct from the manufacturer saves you $$$

P&L Development Mobility Vans is your one-stop resource for all mobility van needs. Whether you are just looking for information or to completely replace your fleet, we are available to help in any way. Our team of experts are ready to provide our customers with all the best advantages in our industry, including:

Would you like one of our Mobility Experts to contact you?

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Phone: (989) 305-7058   Fax: (989) 739-5205   Email:

Allow one of our mobility experts to contact you with more information about how our vehicles can benefit your facility!

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